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Formic Acid is a very common acid in the environment and is part of many foods and drinks, such as coffee and honey! It is coveted as a sterilizer in hospital settings, and is used as an additive to acidify milk formula for calves. As well, Formic Acid is one of nature’s defense chemicals, found in plants (nettles) and ant venom.

The Formic Acid molecule is small enough in structure to safely and effectively penetrate the Honey bee brood cap. NOD Apiary products has capitalized on this circumstance and developed MAQS, a Varroa treatment that targets mites where they reproduce, under the cap.

MAQS is:

  • Reliable – No mite resistance to Formic Acid has been observed
  • Residue Free – Formic Acid evaporates within the 7 day treatment window
  • Environmentally friendly and compostable